Green Coffee Bean Extract And Its Weight Loss Ingredients

What’s inside green coffee bean extract that causes people to lose weight? All the info here!

I have learnt so much about green coffee bean extract and its weight loss ingredients since starting to use it as a health and weight loss supplement. It is, in truth, a rather fantastic product with a rich history and great story behind it. After I began seeing results in terms of not only my weight but also my overall wellbeing, I became infinitely curious about this now popular extract. If you are at all interested in this product, here is its story:

  • This extract comes from the Arabica coffee bean plant
  • This extract was used by tribes and clans that lived centuries ago
  • This extract is chock-a-block with antioxidants
  • This extract’s star fat fighter is called chlorogenic acid

green coffee bean and its weight loss ingredients

Green Coffee Bean Extract And Its Origins

This product originally comes from the Arabica coffee bean plant. The fruit of this plant is its green beans. The coffee beans within your regular cup of coffee have been heated and roasted with the purpose of improving their flavor. This is because a coffee bean is a lot more bitter than a roasted one. The caffeine in a raw bean is, however far lower than that of a roasted bean.

The reason why the coffee bean is used in its green stage is because it is then that it is filled with optimum levels of chlorogenic acid which is really its superior ingredient. But more of that later. The green beans are soaked in some water in order to draw out all the “good stuff”. The mixture is then dried and used as required.

Green Coffee Bean Extract And People Of Old

people of old and green coffee beanThis extract has been used by many generations and people across the world. Here is a short list of the most interesting that I have found:

  • The tribes of East Africa crushed the beans and mixed it with animal fat which they then ingested as a food
  • Ethiopian clans brewed and sometimes crushed it in the making of some kind of wine
  • People along the Arabic peninsula where the Arabica plant originally grew naturally were thought to be the first people to brew it in hot water as a beverage similar to the coffee we know of today

Green Coffee Bean Extract Is Filled With Powerful Antioxidants

This extract is hailed for its natural ability to eat up fat. However, when I set out to slim down, I wanted something safe and generally beneficial. The amount of polyphenol antioxidants found naturally within green coffee bean extract is almost second to none. The benefits that these bring along include:

  • The eradication of aging and disease causing free radicals
  • Natural detoxification of the body of all waste products
  • Improved bowel movement and colon health
  • Increased energy levels due to waste elimination

Green Coffee Bean Extract’s Star Fat Fighter – Chlorogenic Acid

Chlorogenic acid is the strongest ingredient within this extract and is also the ingredient responsible for fat elimination and prevention. It literally enters your body and immediately begins to eat away at your fat which is then eliminated by the acid itself and other antioxidants. However, its fat fighting is twofold in that it also causes glucose levels to decrease which means that you are less likely to put on more weight. This ingredient is so powerful within green coffee bean extract because it has been concentrated and the beans are used in their most natural form.